Autumnal Equinox and All the Changes that Ensue

After enjoying our time in Antwerp, we sprinted to the UK to renew our passports and relax in Wales and Manchester. Wales was … pretty funny actually. The people were incredibly nice, but I feel like we finally met the people who voted for Brexit (:P)

We also turned 30 (!) in Cardiff, and celebrated by watching passersby on weekend nights stumble from club to club, which was all the entertainment we needed.

After Cardiff, we migrated to Manchester for the rest of the fall. Simply put, Manchester was really, really cool. We always like places that are chill with good coffee shops and chill bars, and Manchester was exactly that. Plus, their tattoo culture is sick.

Aside from staying in Cardiff and Manchester, we explored some other towns in England, including Bath and Chester, which both are simply lovely. We rented a car in Manchester and explored some of the Welsh and English countryside, which included sweeping mountains and cheery lanes. The Lake District, north of Manchester, had gorgeous landscapes comparable to Scotland, and Snowdonia in Wales was charming, if not a little cloud covered.

After Manchester, we spent a weekend visiting London before launching the whirlwind tour of the southern United States. While in the States, we drove 3,000 miles to visit probably every person we know. It was good, you saw us all, you know how it went ;)

Needless to say, this year was amazing. I mean, a. maz. ing. BUT, this year we abandoned our normal month-by-month standard of travel, and it definitely felt like it. Our plan for this next year is to sit back, go month-by-month, with a few weekend trips peppered here and there, and not deviate from the plan. It’s time to settle back to normal, and I could not be more thrilled.